Chris Stusek, Portrait Artist


Chris Stusek, Portrait Artist

Chris Stusek, Portriat ArtistI am inspired by all creative ventures life has to offer, mostly drawing and painting. There’s never been a time that I can recall not having a pencil, pen or paintbrush in hand. I am greatly fascinated by people, and I find the stories they tell by their expressions, exciting and challenging. I like that portraiture art can tell a story of a person’s life and can capture the essence of the person, in a moment in time. Portraits are like memories told on either canvas or paper.

Primarily a self-taught artist, I learn through seeing and doing. I have supplemented this learning with classes and workshops. I enjoy painting in oils, watercolour, graphite and pastels. I continue to grow as an artist and a person, as the journey is never complete.

I consider my ability to create a great gift and a blessing and hope to use this gift in the making of art that captures the beauty and happiness of life around us. I love to tell a story in my paintings, in a realistic-representational style.

I am currently a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

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